2022 September Festival brough new concept

China Forging & Stamping Association will hold the "September Festival" in Shanghai from December 5 to 11, 2022, during which the China International Metal Forming Exhibition and other activities will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). 


In order to enhance the "September Festival" in the industry development and progress of the great promotion and promotion role, China Forging Association will "China International Forging Conference" and "China International Metal Forming Conference" adjustment, It was integrated into "China International Economy and Metal Forming Development Forum (ECO-MetalForm)" and "China International Forging, Stamping, sheet metal making, Mold and Joint Welding New Technology and Equipment Rolling Press Conference (TPP-MetalForm)", and held at the exhibition site. In addition, supporting activities such as parts procurement meeting, "Magic Workers Award" selection and talent matching will be held at the same time.

In order to better cooperate with exhibitors' display, facilitate the audience to understand the latest exhibits, promote the exchange of new technologies, "TPP-MetalForm" will bring you technical knowledge and multi-dimensional cognition in the form of "exhibition + exhibition", stimulate ideas and collision sparks. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows. 

Basic Information

Conference Date: December 9-11, 2022

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Sponsor: China Forging Association

Conference theme: Intelligent Shaping. Join hands to create the future

Media: "Forging and stamping", "Sheet metal and production", China Forging press network

Contents of the Meeting

★ More than 40 new products released, covering the whole industry chain. Covering the latest technology, equipment, mold, materials, intelligence, lightweight and other multi-dimensional wonderful content.

★ Priority exhibitors are free to apply, and must meet the theme of each session report (see Attachment 1). The number is limited, first come, first served; Non-exhibitors should pay the fee for application (see Attachment 2). Please fill in the lecture receipt form if you need to apply for the report (see Attachment 3).


15,000 + professional audience, promote cooperation and exchange, create a hot atmosphere, establish cooperation intention.


Post time: Dec-30-2022