2023 Fakuma Exhibition from Oct.17-21

Shanghai Klak-Ling attended the Fakuma International Trade fair for Plastics Processing 2023 from Oct.17-21 in Friedrichshafen, German. It’s  held two sessions in 3 years. The Organizer is P.E. SchallGmbH & Co. Fakuma International Trade fair for Plastics Processing is one of the world.

famous exhibition in global plastic processing. It began from 1981. After 42 years of development, it has grown into the industry's leading professional exhibition. The exhibition covers the raw materials of plastic processing to production machinery.The leading enterprises in the industry have chosen to release the latest technologies and products at the exhibition, which has also become a platform for exhibitors to exchange and learn international technology. Friedrichshafen, where the exhibition is held, is close to the German border with Switzerland and Austria, is located on the bank of Lake Borden immediately after Konstanz, the second largest city, is the economic center of Lake Borden, many large German industrial companies such as MTUFriedrichshafen, ZF are located here.

Many Chinese enterprises are distressed to be able to participate in the K exhibition, hoping to expand their share in the European market by participating in the exhibition, but due to the limited booths open to China in the K exhibition, many exhibitors can only "look at the market and sigh", and wait for the K exhibition, but do not realize that "waiting may miss the opportunity", another way is the best way.

Fakuma Exhibition1
Fakuma Exhibition2

Germany International Plastic Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition as a supplement to the K exhibition, provides an opportunity for Chinese enterprises to enter the European plastic exhibition. The year of the exhibition is crossed with the K exhibition, and the market and buyers are consistent, which makes up for the demand of the European market during the gap period of the K exhibition, and is the most important exhibition for the procurement of buyers in the European plastics industry.

2021 Fakuma exhibition, from Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Spain, Brazil, China, Singapore and other 37 countries to participate in the exhibition area of 85,000 square meters, attracting 47,650 professional visitors around the world to visit and negotiate business. 

Germany Fakuma [Range of exhibits] :

1, injection mold peripheral equipment, reinforced plastics, semi-finished raw and auxiliary products Material rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing equipment;

2, rubber and plastic raw materials, auxiliaries and auxiliary materials, printing, packaging machine Machinery and materials, molds and accessories; 

3, all kinds of plastic products and plastic thin rubber products, plastic recycling Mechanical equipment and plastics industry services;

4, plastic packaging equipment, plastic printing equipment, flexible packaging processing Equipment, etc.;

5, mold: all kinds of plastic supporting processing mold, tire mold, zero Accessories and other production equipment;

6, injection molding machine, tools and accessories, raw materials, compounds, AIDS Agents, additives, testing and measuring equipment;

7, extruder and extrusion equipment, pre-processing and recycling machinery Preparation, blow molding machine, other machinery, semi-finished products, other services

Germany Fakuma [Popular exhibits] :

Injection molding machine 65%, tools and accessories 46%, raw materials, combination Substances, auxiliaries, additives 37%, test and measurement equipment 23%, Extruders and extrusion equipment 17%, pre-processing and recycling machinery17%, blow molding machine 7%, other machinery 18%, semi-finished products 17% And other services 18%

Fakuma Exhibition4
Fakuma Exhibition5

Post time: Jan-15-2024