BCTM Providing Macro Matching Process

Macro Matching Process is a new and high technology that has not been compared with any other technology in the world. With its unique material surface roughness selection, consistent, uniform treatment effect and mass production advantages, and the world's surface treatment industry forefront. Currently the most in demand is: injection mold - transmission - Forging - stamping/die - medical instruments and implants - Aviation - tools - Luxury - Rapid prototyping technology -... And your application! We can customize it to your requirements (add it ourselves).

Here are some specific applications of ultrafine fine technology:
I. Injection mold:
Maintain surface morphology with selective measurement.
Ultra-fine and micro machining technology for injection mold can be selected surface roughness processing, unique technology can significantly affect the performance of the mold and the quality of the molding parts.

The use of ultra-fine machining technology benefits:
• Easier to release.
• Shorter turnaround time.
• Reduce mold contamination/extend maintenance cycle.

Advantages of ultra-precision machining technology:
• Can handle objects with complex shapes.
• Shorten the delivery cycle.
• Can be extended to large cavity number mold.

Two, forging, stamping and stamping die
Precise control of material removal to enhance cutting edge performance.
Ultrafine machining technology enhances the superior surface quality with a unique material removal method that does not destroy the cutting edge. The overall effect is to make the cutting edge or forming surface obtain more uniform distribution of force, prolong the service life of the tool and the excellent quality of the processed product.

The technical benefits of using ultra-fine machining technology:
• Reduce friction
• Improved lubricity/a more consistent oil film
• Superior adhesion of thin coatings such as PVD
• After coating, ultra-fine machining can reduce viscosity and other phenomena.

Advantages of ultra-precision machining technology:
• Superior reproductivity.
• Improved service life.
• Increase consistency.

Iii. Medical Care
Provide mirror quality up to medical implant grade quality and industrial processing capability.
Only ultra-precision machining can ensure unmatched visual effects and technical precision across all products in a continuous batch production process, delivering results even in the hardest alloys and the most complex geometric shapes. Ultra-precision machining technology does not change the original geometry of the object, nor does it pollute the surface of the object. Ultra-precision machining technology does not change the performance of the workpiece itself in the process of automatic machining, to ensure the superior consistency of the workpiece, precise control of size and roughness accuracy.

The technical benefits of using ultra-fine machining technology:
• Retain the original shape of the workpiece precisely
• Improved corrosion resistance.
• Reduce friction.
The advantages of ultra-precision machining technology.
• Control costs and ensure delivery times.
• Consistency in mass production of the same product.
• Will not pollute the surface of the object.
• Minimal material removal.

Ultrafine and micro machining technology also has a particularly good performance in the transmission, aerospace, tools, rapid prototyping technology and luxury goods. Due to space constraints, they cannot be described here. If you are interested, please contact us.


Post time: Dec-30-2022