Waterstop plug / inch pin and socket / screw / bolt

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Waterstop plug, inch pin and socket, screw, and bolt are distinct products that are essential in various industries such as construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

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Waterstop plug characteristic

1. "When the socket head screw of the plug is tightened, the O-ring of the plug expands to provide a positive seal". Installation or disassembly is fast and convenient without knocking.

2. Can withstand pressures up to 72 psi.

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1. The brass pressure bridge plug achieves high pressure sealing through the taper difference between the bridge plug and the threaded hole.
2. Can withstand pressures up to 600 psi.
3. For steam, water, or oil pipelines.

Inch Pins and Sleeves

High quality H13 precision manufacturing heat resistant impact thermal die steel.
Hot forged head provides uniform grain flow and high tensile strength.
• Core hardness 40-45 HRC.
• Nitrided outside diameter to 65-74 HRC hardness and finish machining to reduce wear.
• The machine head is annealed for easy processing.
• No center ground D diameter.

Waterstop plug 6

English Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

High grade alloy steel, heat treated to 38-45 degrees HRC. Tensile strength: 180000 psi minimum.

English internal socket head peeling bolt

Made of high grade alloy steel, heat treated to a minimum of 36 HRC.
Tensile strength: 160000 psi.

Waterstop plug 5

Waterstop plug is a sealing material that prevents the ingress or egress of water in construction joints, thereby ensuring waterproofing. It is widely used in foundation walls, tunnels, dams, bridges, and other water-retaining structures. Waterstop plug offers several advantages, such as high durability, chemical resistance, ease of installation, and low maintenance. However, care should be taken to ensure that the plug is compatible with the surrounding materials and that the joints are properly prepared before installation.Inch pin and socket is a type of electrical connector that allows two wires or cables to be joined together with relative ease. It is commonly used in audio systems, computers, and other electronic devices. Its benefits include high conductivity, corrosion resistance, and easy assembly and disassembly. However, users should ensure that the pins and sockets are properly aligned before insertion and that the connector is rated for the appropriate voltage and current.Screw and bolt are fasteners that are used to attach two or more objects together.

Screws are typically used in wood, while bolts are used in metalwork. They offer several advantages such as high strength, flexibility, and ease of use. However, care should be taken to ensure that the correct size and type of screw or bolt is selected for the specific application, and that the parts being joined are properly aligned.These products are suitable for various scenarios, including construction, electronics, manufacturing, and DIY projects. They come in various sizes, materials, and designs to suit specific requirements. In terms of after-sales service, reputable manufacturers provide warranties, repair services, and technical support to ensure customer satisfaction. When it comes to transportation and packaging, these products are typically packaged in boxes or bulk bags and shipped to the customer either by land or sea. Care is taken to ensure that the products are properly secured and protected during transport to prevent damage or loss.In conclusion, waterstop plug, inch pin and socket, screw, and bolt are essential products that have a wide range of applications. They offer significant benefits in terms of durability, strength, ease of use, and low maintenance. However, it is important to ensure that the correct product is selected for a specific application and that proper installation procedures are followed to ensure optimal performance.

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