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Analysis of general classification mode of injection mold

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Analysis of general classification mode of injection mold 

First of all, from the perspective of production products and production process analysis, plastic molds are mainly divided into the following categories, the first type is injection molding mold, mainly produces keyboard buttons and TV shells, of which the former is the most common application, the second type is blowing mold, mainly produces beverage bottles, the third type is compression molding mold, which mainly produces porcelain dishes and bakelite switches. The fourth type is the transfer molding mold, which mainly produces integrated circuits and other related products, the fifth type is the extrusion molding mold, which mainly produces plastic bags and glue tubes, the sixth type is the thermoforming mold, which mainly produces some transparent packaging shells, the seventh type is the rotating city mold, most of the soft plastic doll toys are mainly produced by this type of mold. The second is non-plastic mold, the mold mainly includes the following types, the first type is stamping mold, the main production of computer panels, the second type is forging abrasives, this type of mold mainly produces the body of the car, the third type is casting mold, pig iron platform and faucets are produced by the mold. 

Mold classification analysis according to pouring system type 

The first is a large nozzle mold, in the product production process, the gate and the flow channel on the parting mold line will be demoulded together with the product in the opening mold, its advantage is that the design and processing are relatively simple, the cost of consumption is relatively low, so this type of mold is widely used. The second is the fine water mold, in the production of products, there is no gate and runner on the parting line, but directly on the product, so to add a group of water parting line, but the processing and design is more difficult, so it must be selected according to the actual needs of the product. The third is the hot runner mold, which is basically similar to the fine water mouth mold, the main difference is that the hot mouth and hot runner plate with constant temperature need to be added, which directly acts on the gate and runner on the product, so the demoulding process is eliminated. Its advantage is to save raw materials, and it is often used in the production of products with high quality and expensive raw materials. However, the processing process is more complex, and the overall mold cost is relatively high.

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