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A die casting machine is used for the process of die casting, which is a metal casting process that forces molten metal into a mold cavity using high pressure. This produces parts with high precision and excellent surface finish. Die casting machines come in different sizes and designs to accommodate various production needs. They are widely used in the automotive, consumer electronics, and other manufacturing industries.

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How a die casting machine works A die casting machine is a machine that injects molten metal into a mold and cools and solidifies it in the mold. Its working principle can be divided into the following steps: 1. Preparation: First, the metal material (usually aluminum alloy) is heated to the melting point. During the heating process, the mold (usually composed of two or more metal modules) is prepared. 2. Mold closure: When the metal material is melted, the two modules of the mold are closed to ensure that a closed cavity is formed inside the mold. 3. Injection: After the mold is closed, the pre-heated metal material is injected into the mold. The injection system of a die casting machine is usually used to control the speed and pressure of metal injection. 4. Filling: Once the metal material enters the mold, it will fill the entire mold cavity and occupy the desired shape and size. 5. Cooling: The metal material filled in the mold begins to cool and solidify. The cooling time depends on the metal used and the size of the part. 6. Mold opening and removal: Once the metal material is sufficiently cooled and solidified, the mold will be opened and the finished part will be removed from the mold. 7. Sandblasting and post-treatment: The finished parts that are taken out usually need to be sandblasted and post-treatment processes to remove the oxide layer, blemishes and unevenness of the surface and give it a smooth surface.

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