Professionally in the designing and manufacturing of die casting mould

Short Description:

1.Highly knowledgeable team developed through years of hands on automotive die casting experience providing innovative solutions to the die cast industry.

2.BCTM Industry engineers in quality at the design stage that provides for process capable complex tooling’s. Our experienced engineering team each has 15 Years automotive experience in their specialized area including Tool Manufacturing.

3. BCTM provides high quality materials & heattreating with low cost – High quality tool manufacturing giving customers the best value available.

4.Coordinate Measuring Machine with CAD interface. Shadowgraph. Hardness tester. Plug and Thread gauges.

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

Software We Use:

CAD\CAM: Unigraphics, AutoCad

CNC Equipment:

High speed CNC vertical M/C’s
Sink EDM’s
Wire EDM’s
Various manual machine tools. CNC lathes. Spotting press. Surface grinders.



Coordinate Measuring Machine with CAD interface.
Hardness tester. Plug
Thread gauges.


High cost-effective local steel
Imported material

Product Detail


Inclined roof display

If there are holes/buckles on the inside or outside of the product, it is necessary to design a slanted top

Features of inclined roof:

The inclined top is driven by the ejector pin plate to eject the product.

Inclined roof display
Inclined roof displays

Parallel block features: enhance product stability during injection molding.

Mold guide pillar features: guidance, positioning function.

Slider features:

When switching on and off the mold, the inclined guide pillar of the front mold drives the slider, thereby causing the molding and separation of the product structure.

Features of slider bar: fixed slider, slider guide.

External shutter
Generally used in three plate molds or male molds with push plates.

Features of mold external shutter
The female template drives the male mold push plate to smoothly eject the product after the male mold insert is separated from the mold core.

Inclined roof displays
Inclined roof displays2

Magnetic shutter
Generally used in three plate mold

Features of magnetic shutter
The male template drives the female template to pull away from the plate, so that the flow passage material rod can be smoothly disengaged.

Fine setting block features
Strengthen position accuracy control after mold closing.

Inclined roof displays3
Inclined roof displays4

Characteristics of ejector plate spring
Ejector plate return action

Support column characteristics
Product stability during injection molding

Inclined roof displays5

Insert display

Insert display

1. The product has deep ribs or thin-walled structures that require design of inserts
2. The common structure of multiple products can only be designed with mutual inserts if there are differences in individual locations

Insert features
Convenient exhaust/processing control, easy to replace.

Needle inlay display

Insert features
Easy to exhaust/process control/size adjustment, easy to replace.

Needle inlay display

Three board display

Three board display

Characteristics of the stripper plate
The runner rod is brought out and ejected by the stripper plate.

Characteristics of runner plate
1. Convenient processing
2. Hard materials can be selected to enhance service life

Three board display1

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